WAGAMAMA Video: X-O feat. Munashe

  • Sean Solomon
  • Kuda Ruzane

WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY Xolani ‘X-O’ Nqo featuring Munashe (Chirisa) PRODUCED BY Tendai (Mucheri) SHOT BY Phillip Sampson BTS SHOT BY Aiden Miller SET & STYLING CO-ORDINATOR Fadzai Mandeya DIRECTED BY Lynette Destiny & Tendai EDITED BY Phillip Sampson & Tendai EXECUTIVE PRODUCED BY KUDA, Tendai & Munashe DRIP BY Afrocentric 805, Censini Collection, Mabikoia and Mutupo MODELS Dimples, Sean Solomon, ForeverSammy, Tidz, Chei Monye, Meki, Valerie, Summer and Shantelle LOVE TO Ofishal Xavier, Joey Moosh, Flame Fleeze, Sibz, Tai Parker, Joe Charakupa, Adil Khan, Mercy ‘Belle Ame’ Matambanadzo, Edna Mutasa, Priscilla Washe & sorrry if we missed any one out but less we forget the MVP, Ana The Huku; love