• Rupert Cheek

An opera for the C21st. https://waktm.com

"We All Know Too Much" suggests that Mankind’s striving to know everything leads to an undesirable future.

After humans destroy planet Earth, their only option is to colonize the moon....
That is until The Trinity, researchers in Evolutionary Metaphysics, develop(s) a virtual world

Along the way, we risk the perils of Fanaticism and Fundamentalism, the sorrows of Illusion and Delusion and perhaps, ultimately, redemption through Literature, Art, Education, Theology
"Much of the work that Stanton had undertaken involved study of the challenges that the modern world was continuing to present to the Church and to the doctrines that had stood for millennia as the core & the authority of the entire faith.

The advance of technology, and the coming together of the world in a greater unity over the last century, had led to concerns that the eyes of Humanity were no longer focused on the Kingdom of God, but on the kingdom that lay all around us, the universe of stars, of galaxies, the vastness of creation.
There were questions being raised about existence, about the nature of Humanity, and he was fascinated by the challenges to the faith, and developments that undoubtedly lay ahead."