Wales Bonner live campaign

  • annie jankoś

My fashion campaign for Wales Bonner is a collaboration with the dance group BDK. The campaign features a short film that contrasts the hectic and stressful urban life with the serene and timeless natural world. Through the choreography, We aimed to express how difficult it is to self-reflect and find inner peace when we are constantly bombarded by noise, distractions and deadlines in the city. The dancers move in fast, sharp and chaotic ways, reflecting the sense of urgency and anxiety that pervades our modern culture. However, when they enter the natural environment, their movements become slower, smoother and more harmonious, showing how they reconnect with themselves and their surroundings. The film suggests that nature offers us a space to breathe, relax and regain clarity, as we experience a different perception of time that is not bound by clocks and calendars. The film also showcases styling inspired by the Wales Bonner collection, which is inspired by sportswear styles from the 1970s and 80s. The collection includes athletic jacquard knitwear, track tops and pants, and sneakers, that blends elegance and comfort. The collection also reflects the diversity and pluralism of the dance group and their cultural backgrounds.