Walk With Charlie

The idea behind our business project was to provide people with a non-emergency phone line that can be handy at times in which none of their relatives or friends are reachable. ​ Many people easily panic in circumstances in which they feel vulnerable, walking at night can create anxiety in a lot of people. Our goal is simple, we want to make sure you get home safe and without worries, keeping you company during the whole journey and help you making you aware of your surroundings.

The idea of Walk With Charlie started in January 2019, it's an ongoing project that I am developing on the side.
I have heard stories, experiences and struggles that make many people feel vulnerable and I have decided to create something that could empower them instead.
Being a woman is only about warnings. We hear thousands of bad stories about walking alone, we get advice from parents, or media to not to go out in the dark. I don’t want to underestimate the danger, which is real, but I also want to feel strong and at ease if I’m walking home at night. I want to help other people to feel like that too, creating a system that strengthens women, not discourages them.
We wanted to make Walk With Charlie a service shaped by future users. Taking a lot of different perspectives into the bigger picture helped us see clearer and deliver something that can really change the way people live their lives.

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