Wallpaper*: Life, Style & Design

  • Georgios Chiotis

The Lifestyle department at Wallpaper* was a portal to a place of design alchemy: one part delineation, two parts innovation and a dusting of intuition brought to life objects that minutes ago seemed inanimate. My writing adventures took me to La Patisserie des Reves in Tokyo, Casa Del Agua in Mexico and Morag Myerscough’s & Lemn Sissay’s Movement Cafe in London. I worked with brands like Aesop and Absolut to create exclusive stories like the Lucy McRae Morphe Film and the Absolut Unique Project. I sourced, wrote and worked with the Wallpaper* creative network to capture Tony Conigliaro’s cocktails, Philip Malouin Mr Mitre, Amelia Rope’s handcrafted chocolates, and Gabriel Orozco’s Casa Dragones collaboration. I wrapped my work up by hand-picking the directory of the Design and Lifestyle graduates, which included finding and interviewing the most promising young designers through a multimedia showcase.