• Kush Hoji
  • Dilan Ozbalci
  • Luca Perrin

On the 10th of August 2018 I curated and hosted ‘The Wandering Youth’ Exhibition. The night marked my debut as a director where I presented a short fashion film that had been 3 years in the making and was filmed within 6 months prior to the night. This was an opportunity for artistic inspiration and provided a space where creatives came to chill, view some art and PARTY! ⚡️During the event my personal illustrations were displayed, live musicians and alternative DJ’s. One corner of the venue we had an incredible cello performance and the other corner there were flash tattoos taking place. My exhibitions and events have one sole purpose... CONNECTIVITY. The ethos: To be able to provide a platform for people to be truly themselves. ABOUT: Wandering Youth is an indirect approach to emotional/mental health (A topic very close to home) and the notion that the young creative class are disconnected and in a constant search for fluidity within love. The films’ subconscious focus is on mental health but at face value it is art & fashion, with dystopian undertones.