War Inna Babylon

  • Abi Wright

War Inna Babylon: The Community’s Struggle for Truths and Rights - an exhibition curated by London-based racial advocacy and community organisation, Tottenham Rights, independent curators Kamara Scott and Rianna Jade Parker, with exhibition design by Abi Wright - chronicles the impact of various forms of state violence and institutional racism targeted at Britain’s Black communities since the mass arrival-upon-invitation of West Indian migrants in the late 1940s. Using the ‘symbolic location’ of Tottenham, a neighbourhood that has received much attention in recent years due to its history of racial conflicts and heavy-handed policing; this exhibition combines archival material, documentary photography, film and state-of-the art 3D technology to ‘act as a window to the past and as a mirror for our present-day social climate’. The exhibition includes original tributes from victims’ families, case studies of the controversial ‘sus’ (suspected person) laws and the Gangs’ Matrix, and highlights legal developments that have resulted from Black justice campaigns. War Inna Babylon will also present a new investigation into the killing of Mark Duggan by Forensic Architecture. The exhibition is open now at the ICA, London until 26th September 2021. The gallery is open Tues-Sun 12pm-9pm, and it is free on Tuesdays. More info: https://www.ica.art/exhibitions/war-inna-babylon

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