Wasteland ⏳

  • Steven Leung

This is a wasteland aesthetic photo shoot for a fashion designer's graduation project, and I'd like to share one series called "Wasteland." � This set of pictures portrays the resilience and vitality of individuals in a desolate, barren environment. Through this collection, I aim to convey the idea of rebirth and self-redemption in the midst of desolation. I want the audience to feel a sense of unwavering determination, the ability to face the present situation bravely, even after setbacks or losing everything, and the courage to resolutely seek the right path in life again. It's about resilience towards the present and determination for the future, as well as the expression of one's uniqueness and existence. � As the saying goes, "He who tied the bell to the tiger must take it off." Self-redemption leads to a phoenix's rebirth. � In the wasteland, we hope that everyone can bravely confront their choices, follow their inner convictions, and courageously embark on their own unique paths. � Instagram Credit: Fashion Designer: @yu_kikiwu Model: @dariya_0316 Makeup: @zlzszzzx_ Photographer: me @lscnm