WATA Short Film | Directed by Joy Yamusangie & Ronan Mckenzie

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Inspired by water deity Mami Wata, the film WATA illustrates the journey of music from Africa to London through the meeting of our two main characters; Mami Wata and The Musician. We explore the colour blue as a concept, emotion and feeling, and our love of jazz music. In partnership with Gucci & Garage Magazine. The long version (13mn44) is available here : https://vimeo.com/489417053

Written & Directed by Joy Yamusangie and Ronan Mckenzie Cinematography by Beatriz Sastre Movement Direction by Abdourahman Nije Produced by Julie Vergez Casting_ Tytiah Blake / Unit-C Talents_ Rudzani Moleya as ‘Mami Wata’ Abdourahman Nije as ‘The Musician’ Alison Letang, Andre Atangana, Jordan Clarke, Kirk Reid, Miranda Chambers, Prince & Majesty, Treasure Iyamu as ‘Wata Souls’ Guest Appearances by Roxanne Tataei, Melo-Zed & Boofti Music Supervision_ Melo-Zed Music Composition & Production_ Melo-Zed, Roxanne Tataei Vocalists_ Biram Seck, Roxanne Tataei Saxophonist_ Boofti Styling & Costume Design_ Tess Herbert Production Design_ Sophie Durham Make-Up Artist_ Megumi Matsuno Hair Stylists_ Shamara Roper, Russie Miessi Editor_ Maxim Young Colourist_ Jason Wallis (ETC) Post-Producer at Electric Theatre Company_ Oliver Whitworth VFX Artists_ Gaspar Matheron (Les Fistons), Alexandra Verhaest, Stefan Wähner Post-Producer at Les Fistons_ Arthur De Seze Production Coordinator_ Ayesha McMahon Production Assistants_ Ourania Mamalis, Mantenso Kotomah First Assistant Director_ Elle Lotherington Third Assistant Director_ Jens Klit Nielsen Runner_ Yasmin Tippett Steadicam_ Andrew Bainbridge Focus Puller_ JJ Sullivan Clapper-Loader_ Ashton Born Gaffer_ Joe Sherno Sparks_ Jovan Lawrence, Jon Prentice Spark Trainees_ George Wright, Shaun Witherup Grip_ Nick Teulon Grip Trainee_ Bradley Sinclair Wardrobe Assistants_ Lulu Bullock, Stephanie Aelbrecht Assistant Art Directors_ Alexander Scott, David Murray, James Findlay, Sammy Finn Cullis Make-Up Assistants_ Lisa Chau, Juri Nakayama, Manabu Nobuoka Hair Stylist Assistant_ Shaniece Buckley Commissioner_ Cadence Paris Executive Producer at Cadence_ Carole Guenebeaud Production Coordinator at Cadence_ Alice Du Lac

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