We Are Men - Protest

  • Maya Patel

‘We Are Men’ is a project that focuses on men’s justice. Society typically stereotypes men to be ‘macho’ and criticise men for expressing their emotions. Statistics have shown that men are three times more likely to commit suicide than women. Therefore, I have created a publication to aid men to come forward about sexual harassment, depression, and physically abusive relationships without feeling a sense of societal embarrassment. The publication raises awareness and informs society on how it can help, and how the men that are dealing with these difficult situations can help themselves. Adornments have been designed to be worn with pride and to spread awareness about this overlooked topic; design elements have been used within printed matter (screw binding) to represent the emotions of strength and bravery, the colour red is applied to represent frustration at the stereotypes men are given, ripped textures are used to embody torn emotions and decisions.