Side Hustle/ Fine Art

We Became Everything

  • George Voronov

“We Became Everything” is an attempt to photograph what a spiritual experience feels like. Spending time with young people in religious communities and on spiritual retreats throughout Ireland, I found that all those photographed shared permutations of one core conviction. This was a belief in the existence of two worlds. Our familiar material world which we can all perceive as well as a second, mysterious and elusive spiritual world. The idea of photographing a link between these worlds, a nexus where the veil between them is thinnest, became a subject of fascination. Almost imperceptible but to those dedicated to their pursuit, such links take the form of fleeting revelations, subtle rifts in reality, and a feeling of connection to the divine. In these instances, the banal gives way to the sublime. They are metaphysical decisive moments.

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  • Graphic Designer
  • Photo Editor
  • Curator
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