We Hunt Together: Title Sequence Photography

  • Eugene Tumusiime

Award-winning neon-noir photography commissioned by UKTV Creative for the title sequence of Alibi’s new crime thriller, We Hunt Together.

In November 2019, I was given the opportunity to work on the title sequence for Alibi’s new crime thriller, We Hunt Together. A new twist on the cat-and-mouse formula, the show follows a pair of detectives and pair of killers as they hunt one another against the backdrop of a stylish, neon-lit London.
I was contacted by Peter Allinson of UKTV Creative and asked to shoot a series of eerie, empty spaces around London to depict the neon hunting ground of the show.

Besides being given a list of locations in North London that feature on the show including Wood Green, Mile End and Alexandra Palace, I needed a focus on things that felt quintessentially London. Taxis. Buses. Phone boxes. Train stations. In post-production, I was to stick to a blue/red colour scheme to bring emphasis to the duelling forces of the show. The hunters and the hunted.

The photos were then animated by the team at UKTV; street lamps flicker and neon lights burst while predators, chromatic abberation and aggressive movement set the stage for the violence to come.
Prior to the first episode being aired, the sequence won two Drum Design Awards in Photography and Moving Image and got a feature on Promax's Daily Brief.