We will dance, even if the band never shows up

  • Niceshit Studio
Nice Shit and Cachete Jack teamed up to deliver an outrageous amount of dancing characters. (258, to be more accurate). The guys at Manson had the idea to create a huge rave in the desert, where all the people in the crowd were famous musicians, from way back up to the present. The girls at Cachete Jack killed it illustrating all of this artists and the crew at Nice Shit made them dance like crazy, animating each one frame by frame.
The final videoclip was somehow rejected by the band, but, after all the hard work and amount of hours and love put on this project, neither Nice Shit or Cachete Jack would let this dancing dudes in the dark.
We would like to thank all of idols, that came and danced with us, especially those that’ve been dead for such a long time.
Animation: Nice Shit Studio Illustration: Cachete Jack Edit: Nice Shit Studio
Music: Ready For The Floor - Hot Chip (Not used with comercial purposes)