wearesdi: Re-positioning a traditionally manufacturing led business for future growth.

Instead of celebrating their end to end offer, sdi's manufacturing heritage dominated. Our challenge was to help them tell their story differently, finding their true essence and giving them a new identity that remained authentic to who they are. Insight Talking to the sdi team it was obvious there was an entrenched view about who they were - a manufacturer of point-of-sale solutions for retailers. But retailers and their wider customer base talked about them differently. These High Street names are experiencing seismic shifts and see sdi as providing imaginative, effective, design-led solutions to help them in this challenging marketplace. This change from manufacturer to end-to-end solutions, if communicated correctly, would be transformational to the sdi team and their prospects for growth. Ideas So we set about helping them tell their story around the three pillars of the business – Insight & Design, Make & Source, Supply & Fit – brought together in a new brand-line, ‘Experiences designed with imagination.’ A tweak to the name – dropping the ‘Displays’ suffix and incorporating the ‘we are’ from the new online presence – opened up more flexibility to; present a wider set of solutions, represent the unique ‘family’ character of the organisation and create the perception of a dynamic team that likes to roll its sleeves up and make things happen. Impact This big personality followed through to the logo, a new friendly icon that separates sdi from their bland, corporate competition. We brought the wider brand to life with a simple, clean, new look and feel, balancing modern contemporary elements with more human elements to reposition them away from traditional manufacturing conventions. The new brand has enabled sdi to tell their story in a much more powerful way through their website, social media presence, with colleagues and in their interactions with clients. It’s helping them to create new pockets of value within the business and delivered a renewed confidence in their future success.

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