Wedding at North Cadbury Court, Somerset

  • Sami Green
Working for clients to produce a 20's rustic and glamourous winter wedding at North Cadbury Court. I worked with the client to understand their needs then put together a series of design boards to represent my interpretation of their ideas.
There was a venue meeting and liaison with the venue and caterers to make final decisions on table layouts, Crockery and the way the North Hall would be used and changed throughout the weekend.
I sourced furniture for them to enhance their dinner scheme and found furniture to furnish the North Hall for the ceremony and post reception entertainment. This included making up cushions to compliment the scheme and bringing in a palm as well as installing a fairy light canopy.
I attended once to prepare the North Hall and a second time to dress the reception so it was a surprise for the guests.
The reception had a set of branches full of fairy lights to make the Ballroom feel smaller and I worked with Dinah Taylor Floral Design to create the look for the table centres.