Wedding Invitation Exploration

  • Hannah Headrick
After getting engaged I started thinking about invitation designs and found that the vast majority of designs out there are very similar to each other, and most heavily feature flowers. So I decided to design some contemporary options for couples who don’t want to follow the grain.
One of the first things I noticed when looking at the designs out there was the lack of interesting colour choices. So, I googled what colour schemes were popular in weddings recently and created colour schemes that matched. These themes produced some nice results, like the image opposite, which should be able to fit in with the wedding themes of many brides-to-be. However I also wanted to make some designs that broke from the mould even more, being very on-trend and contemporary rather than the traditional elegant style. So I included some bright blues and reds to provide some unique options. Another thing I noticed was the only typographic  styles were fairly plain and safe, with a pretty font being used in a stock-standard way. So I experimented with a style that I love - using type as a graphic element.