Welcome to the Future State

  • Ash O'Neil

Shot, collaborated and created by a crew of women, it showcases our strength and power as one. We are the #FutureState. We are #PlasticSunshine. So much love for this talented crew: Concept/creative: Plastic Sunshine Director: Ash O'Neil Cinematographer: Mj Lat Music: Nina Dioz (with permission) Choreography: Sun Tzu Dinmore Drone operator: Sarah Phillips Photographer Maria Del Rio First AC: Megan Johnson BTS: Andrea Walters Editor: Lady Ayamonte Executive Producer: Sonja Johansen Production coordinator: Lydia Buesseler MUA: Joyce Dang Hair Stylist: Sabrina Ahmed Styling: Mar Peidro Ova Worldwide Amanda Frezar Lousia Meng Natalie Huyen Christina Thomas @jenniquedabomb @_samantha.p_ @alimilenna @emu.nah @britjardin @bigsexyteeth @edithaguila @lynnmaiko