Welcome to the World of Kayali!

  • Tara Rueanhom

Inspired by the perfume, Pistachio Gelato 33, I created a World of Kayali showcase of the original collections. Set in the oval room featuring high ceilings and original artworks from the early 18th century, round plinths lined up centred to the door frame, creating a wow moment as guests enter via the ‘layers of you’ corridor.

The plinths display the perfume along with the top notes as raw ingredients. This display is a chance for the guests to try and sample the collection, whether for the first time or the hundredth!
Once guests familiarised themselves with the many layers of the world of Kayali, next, they moved into the Discovery Room to awaken their senses and indulge in the newest Kayali creation. Guests were taken on a journey with Mona Kattan, Olivier Cresp and Sebastien Cresp to slowly uncover the perfume notes.

Top, mid and base notes were individually showcased on bespoke plinths varying in heights linking to each layer of the perfume notes. Bonbon jars filled with scent balls, bespoke acrylic signage and fun ‘guess the scent’ clues were on display to help guests complete their guess sheet. At the end of the discovery room, the scents were revealed on ice-cream shape signages, and guests had the opportunity to smell the fragrance for the first time.
Sitting at the top of the room were a scallop stage and marshmallow chairs creating a warm and inviting setting for the workshop hosted by perfumers, Oliver Cresp and Sebastian Cresp along with Mona Kattan, the founder and inspiration of the brand. A branded ice cream cart serves pistachio ice cream as guests are invited to immerse in the flavours and take photos. Alongside the cart is a pick-and-mix style bar where bonbon jars are filled with all the editable notes of the perfume; hazelnut, marshmallow, Chantilly cream & candy floss reflecting the guess the scent game played earlier.

The event aimed to introduce the perfume to the press, influencers and internal guests while highlighting the existing collections drive to create a buzz around the new scent!