Wembley Cup 2016

  • Kishan Saujani
  • Emily

The Game Is In Your Hands

The Idea
Over an eight episode series, two YouTubers will battle as captains though a number of football-themed challenges. The challenges needed to be spectacular so, as a football fan I looked into the traits needed to play in certain positions and took the original drills and literally taking them to the next level. ( I was trying to trump stats to the prior year & just to add, this was my first project at Poke)

How it worked
At the end of each challenge was a pot of football talent that consisted of a skilled/non-skilled YouTubers and EA FIFA Legends. The winner gets the first choice out of the pot and the loser’s choice will then go to a public vote using Twitter Polls (just announced at the time). Enabling the audience to make key decisions through out the series and with our creative line “THE GAME IS IN YOUR HANDS” it doubled up explaining the interactivity with the series and the EE/BT proposition.
The eighth and final episode rounded off the journey by letting the two final teams settle their youtube and personal rivalry on the pitch at Wembley and for the first time (TWC 2016), a livestreamed (newly announced) and ticketed event.

The Case Study

The Episodes

The clients needed to have the second instalment bigger and better than the year before, I made sure it was with all the footie expertise I hold and knowing what will entertain that lovely audience.
I was on the frontline crafting, scripting and art directing the content (with client constraints ;) obviously). It was a dream to have this as a first project at Poke. It was interesting to see how my mechanic and content worked

The YouTuber round up.

Goalkeeping drills, elevated.


We all love a bad pitch.

Legendary Wembley goals, recreated.

The underground football assault course.

Two mothers, one sofa.

Where the real magic happened.

One, being the first Wembley Cup or an event like this to have 20,000 people sitting in the stadium and two, another first by having millions watching on a livestream.