Wendy Asumadu - Makeup, content creation, social media, and clients!

  • Hubert Trinkunas
  • Wendy Asumadu

Wendy is a Creative who specialises in makeup and content creation. Wendy is known for her bold and colourful work and aims to push the boundaries of makeup with her abstract approaches. Clients include: Converse, Glossier, Refinery 29, Makeup Revolution and YouTube where she uses her experience in fine art to question the process of makeup and the definition of beauty. Wendy's Instagram: @wendysworld_xox About the event: - How to build social media presence and work with brands. - How to get noticed by brands. - How to use social media to your advantage. - How to build a portfolio. - How to discover your niche and the advantages of it. - The best equipment to use in content creation. - Rates: How to make sure you’re getting the best deals. To check more visit the website: www.wishu.io