WePresent: Design Tools — how graphic designers are creating their own AI tools

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While many artists of all stripes fear the growing dominance of AI, some graphic designers have greeted it and made it their new creative partner. Here, writer Stan Cross asks six of these designers to show us how they made their own digital design tools and why—and most importantly, their outlook on how to use tech and keep the humanity in their work.

The belief in the arts’ ability to remain impervious to the advances of artificial intelligence and for human creativity to forever elude machines is rapidly waning. Generative art is no longer confined to inscrutable research papers, tech conference conjecture and the furtive experiments of early adopters, but accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Since their ascent into the mainstream in the last few years, AI tools have demonstrably and exponentially improved. Within a very short space of time, the much-derided nightmare fuel of embryonic image generators has progressed to a point by which it’s now possible for any casual user armed with little more than a few choice keywords to achieve convincing impersonations of humanity’s most celebrated artists, encompassing most every discipline related to image-making; from painting to illustration, graphic design, animation, filmmaking and photography.

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