WeTransfer x Jungle album campaign

  • Leonora Chance

Earlier this spring we announced a collaboration with Jungle on their new album 'Volcano' where we have been working with them across each of their music videos and dropping exclusive content via WeTransfer with each new single release. If you go online today to junglejunglejungle.WeTransfer.com you will be able to download stems from their first single 'Candle flame' this is only available for another 48 hours and is an exclusive... in a few weeks we will have a new drop when the next single is released, and so on..through to something major launching there late July... This is inspired by the organic creator activity WeTransfer has seen for the past decade, particularly from music artists, ranging from Prince to SAULT, who have used WeTransfer as a trusted distribution platform to share music and other related content with their fans. Check it out!! https://junglejunglejungle.wetransfer.com