WeWork Services Store

  • Andrew Cooper
  • Karen Ng
As WeWork’s first Product Marketing Manager, I help position and communicate the benefits of WeWork’s digital products to members. Specifically, I am tasked with bringing WeWork's digital products to life by working with our talented team of Designers, Product Managers, and Brand Marketers to create effective messaging and content. With a focus on growing the Services Store, I am continually developing and testing marketing messaging across multiple platforms and creating new product features that improve the member experience.
The WeWork Services Store is an integrated hub for business services that gives WeWork members the freedom to grow their businesses. As a community driven company, we believe in empowering our members with the tools they need to successfully run and build their ideas; whether these tools are beautifully designed collaborative workspaces, a global network of creators, or new ways to discover and acquire essential services. I joined one month before the launch of this marketplace to focus on effectively marketing this product to WeWork’s vast and growing member base. With only a limited time before launch, I worked quickly with stakeholders across the team to finalize messaging, branding, UX, content creation, internal communications, email, online advertising, and PR.
In the creation of the Services Store, WeWork has teamed up with a myriad of top-notch brands including Slack, Lyft, Amazon, and Microsoft to build a robust platform of services that WeWork members love. I work closely with each of these brands to determine their individual strategy for effectively communicating their product or service within the Services Store.