Why Do We Fall in Love

  • Miah Elias
Love builds people, breaks them again. In the frenzy of love, the lover crosses the seven seas, often giving up even the hardest thing like death. How many blood-fights have happened just for love. The city has been destroyed.

So why do people fall in love, this question can peek into the minds of many? Addiction comes from the attraction of men and women towards each other. Prejudice comes from addiction. And prejudice is the preparation of love. Love is desire. Love is the unquenchable desire that awakens in each other. It's hard to find people who haven't fallen in love.

According to the information given by the scientists, the effect of a substance called serotonin in the human brain creates the innate desire of men and women towards each other. However, another group of scientists thinks that desire is aroused through the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen. Attraction is created by dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain and addiction is created by oxytocin and vasopressin. Let's find out why people fall in love:

# To overcome loneliness: People cannot be alone. A companion is needed on the way. People want to overcome their loneliness by quarreling with their partner through love. Because in a lonely state it feels big and monotonous. That's why he wants to get rid of loneliness by coming in contact with other people.

# To express feelings: People want to express their feelings to others. That’s why he wants to build a relationship with someone else. It can forget personal anger, sadness, suffering. People want to express their feelings on a larger scale than within their own small boundaries. Through love, people can easily express their feelings to other people.

# To present oneself beautifully: People love to present themselves a little beautifully. Men want to change their appearance a little to attract love. And women also decorate and tidy themselves. They bring this change in themselves to spend some beautiful moments.

# For creative thinking: Many people love to think creatively. It is seen that men and women decide to make love when they find a connection in their thoughts. Together, the two express their creative thinking. This deepens the love between each other.

# To gain sympathy: Many people also fall in love in the hope that someone will sympathize with them in times of danger. Love is the name of understanding the mind by looking at the eyes. If there is no empathy for each other in love, that love does not last. And people always want to get sympathy from other people.