Why We Go Further | Office Angels

Work can be so draining when the balance is off. In this new film for recruitment agency Office Angels, directed by Luke Brookner for Media Zoo, it’s the long commutes, late nights, and dinging phones that are a constant frustration for Steve — who yearns to spend more time with his family. In a pacy montage that juxtaposes the good times with the bad, a quick phone call is all it takes to find a happier solution for everyone. We licensed a bright and upbeat soul-pop track for the film that supplies the narrative with energy and optimism. Brassy horns, a bass groove, and beating snares and tambourines provide stimulation and movement to underline the commotion of Steve’s working day — but there’s also warmness and joy in the gliding strings, crooning saxophones and hooky vocals. The lyrics tie everything together in this story of a man, his daughter, and the job that keeps them apart: “I’m going to get you back, I need your love to get back on the right track.”