Side Hustle/ Community Art

Winds of Change, Culture Shifts Programme 2017-2018

  • Hayleigh Longman

Winds of Change brings together a series of collaboratively devised and produced photographs, which reflects these women's lives and activism for their local area. The Solo Show took place at Kirkby Art Gallery from 18th of September 2017 - 13th January 2018. Followed by a group show at Open Eye Gallery in October. Hayleigh Longman was the first assistant to Tony Mallon, Liverpool based photographic artist. Both worked closely in collaboration with a group of older women in Northwood in Kirkby, who are a part of the Golden Years Group. The project acted as a welcome return home for Tony, who grew up in the very same area as the women were based. A number of women from the Golden Years group are known for breaking down stereotypes of being an older resident despite age, health, and mobility. As testimony to this, as volunteers, they recently took on a soon to be close centre in Northwood to keep the community hub alive. These women, some of whom have lived in Kirkby for over 50 years, moved to the area on the promise of fresh air, outdoor space and a cleaner, better life away from Liverpool city "slums". Winds of Change was one of seven projects as part of the Culture Shifts Programme, it's a socially engaged photography programme working with twelve national and international photographers embedded in the communities to explore their stories in a way that is meaningful to them.


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