WINTER 18 SHOW INVITES: I am 100% compostable (& so are you!)

  • Sander Gee
  • Elizabeth Bradley
  • Jace Harrison Crowley
We always like to have a little fun with our runway show invitations, so for this season we pulled up our socks to create a sustainable, upcycled and ethical invite incorporating our usual playful spirit.
In collaboration with Osom Brand who share our sustainability values, we’ve created bright yellow socks to accompany each invitation for the Winter 2018 show. We’re passionate about working towards a more circular economy and we want the entire fashion industry to feel the same – this collaboration is helping to promote just that. The socks are created using zero water, chemicals, dyes or pesticides – something the both environment and your feet can feel excited about! The high-quality yarn is 100% upcycled from discarded garments, saving that waste from ending up in landfills and supporting a circular textiles economy.
We believe no materials should be wasted, instead being turned back into raw material, greatly reducing the need for virgin fibres that use up our planet’s resources.
Manufacturer, TIPA, is also involved, creating a sustainable packaging solution following the ‘trashion’ bin bags they made for us last season. Tackling the massive problem of plastic waste, TIPA have developed compostable bio-plastic – a ground-breaking solution we are proud to get behind – and that’s exactly why we’re using their bio-plastic packaging again this season for our socks. The 100% compostable, high-quality packaging includes laminates and labels, which supports our ideals for a circular economy.
Keep an eye (or foot) out for content focusing on the socks and exclusive runway coverage from the show on March 5th via our Instagram and Facebook channels.
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