With my Head in the Clouds

  • Lucie Lazarus

This project centres around memory, overcoming adversity and plays with analogue photography as a medium of memory. I and my mum have a very close connection to each other, and I also know that she has been going through really hard times. That corona hit during the time of the project was an interesting coincidence as it just highlighted the fragility and the adversities we go through in life. This project had many titles belongs to the Liquid Memory development which is in itself a bigger collaborative project with Raya van der Kroon which is called “Weirdo” – a visual collection that aims for the metamorphosis of our childhood insecurities. Metamorphosis describes itself in biology as “the process of a great and usually sudden change of form during transformation, from an immature stage to an adult stage” (Merriam Webster, 2020). As the cells in our body completely renew themselves every 7 to 10 years, we become a new version of ourselves. Where we all act as physical shapeshifters, ‘Weirdo’ wants to highlight the mental change of shaping our personhood, by looking at what made us feel weird during our childhood and turning that into something beautiful. Art Direction, Photography & Video Production: Lucie Zoe Lazarus Model: Ute Lazarus Film Development: Labor Oliver Rolf (Hamburg) Sound: Cedric Maurice Wiegel