wǒmen (我们)

  • Britta Flinterman
wǒmen (我们)
我们 means ‘we’ in Chinese. The word is pronounced as “wǒmen”, which is similar to the English word “women”. As women, we find unity in the diversity of each other. Our “we” is often strongly intertwined with our “I”. We merge our identities and foster the collective feel of a group. We sync with one and another. Our growth is rooted within our friendship and together we develop into new women. For some this means that the blind lead the blind and their cluelessness is actually their strength. Whilst for others the vision attached to their friendship is grounded within society. Utilizing powerful values and worshipping the unanimous stand for equality within their sisterhood. Either way, every form of “wǒmen (我们)” is one of its own.
Creative Direction: Anne Chalou & Britta Flinterman
Photography: Desiré van den Berg


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