Women in Audio podcast

  • Tara Lepore
The Women in Audio podcast is a series of interviews with women in a variety of roles across the professional audio industry, discussing their path to get to the prominent positions they're in today and the ways in which the pro audio sector can become - or is becoming - a more inclusive space.
In recent years, the audio industry has launched a range of events and initiatives aimed at redressing the gender imbalance. AIM's recent Women in Music event had a studio-focused panel, Red Bull's Normal Not Novelty sessions are bringing masterclasses and workshops to each and every corner of the UK, and the Audio Engineering Society is holding panel nights and debates to further the conversation around gender equality in the audio industry, in partnership with the United Nation's HeforShe campaign. 
Hosted by PSNEurope editor Daniel Gumble and staff writer Tara Lepore, the series looks to highlight the experiences of some of the most prominent women in the industry while also looking at the opportunities available to those at the start of their career.

I pitched, researched, interviewed and edited this podcast for professional audio magazine PSNEurope.