Women in Office Design

  • Claire Mouly

Branding proposal for WOD (Women in Office Design), a global networking group for women in the workplace design industry. In 2018, its founder Harsha Kotak noticed the disparity in numbers of women executives in this industry. She then decides to create a 100% female platform where its members can connect, share their knowledge and ideas within a dedicated community. Inspired by architecture, the logotype fits into a defined space, a square, and plays with the lines to draw the letters of the brand. Colorful and bold, this new branding highlights the women of this community and their values: sharing and benevolence. The multiple colors underline the international approach of the platform and make it easy to identify its different locations around the world.

Location: London, UK
Industry: Architecture & Office Design
​​​​​​​Credits: Them Design, Claire Mouly