Word Food Programme - Stop The Waste

  • Andrea Gendusa

#StopTheWaste is the World Food Program campaign, that wants to focus the global attention on some problems related to food wasting in our society. Nowadays, people waste 1 of 3 part of the food produced, and at the same time, 1 of 9 people in the world go to bed without receiving a meal. World Food Program (WFP) invites people to take action to solve this problem, avoiding food wasting and sharing the message through social networks. A message to everyday people, because significant changes come from little actions, we all have the potential to create a better world for us and for who will come. Client: World Food Programme (United Nations) Agency: Auntie Joan Script: Adam Burns Direction: Andrea Gendusa, Paco López Art Direction/Design/ Animation: Andrea Gendusa Sound Design: Andrea Gendusa

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