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We are putting together a book which will be a collection of stories. Words By, will have words written by everyone, about whatever they feel. All profits from our book with go towards the Children's Emergency Fund.

The Children’s Emergency Fund helps Unicef be there for children in danger, wherever and whenever war or disaster strikes. It means that Unicef can deliver life-saving food, clean water, vaccines and health care for children, as well as provide protection from violence, exploitation and abuse, and ensure that children can continue their education.

The Book

Unicef Next Generation is publishing a book of poetry to raise funds and awareness for the Children’s Emergency Fund which protects children around the world affected by war and natural disasters. Words By is a collection of poems bringing together writers from all walks of life, uniting their diverse voices and providing a platform for their personal expression.
We were inspired to create this book while visiting refugee camps in Greece, where children and young adults write poetry as a way to express themselves and share their stories. We wanted to publish their work alongside established writers – from poets and rappers to authors and journalists – as well as including submissions from our London community.
It is sadly all too common for refugees and displaced people to be considered other. In this beautiful poetry book, all words will be considered equal. At its core, Words By is a means of free expression and through it, we hope to reinforce our shared humanity.

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