WORK: Clarity, confidence and a suggestive wink to the world's no.1 condom brand

Sex. Once a taboo topic. But with a whole new generation who are more open, honest, inclusive and expressive than before, the conversation has changed. Sold in over 50 countries, Durex is the world’s number 1 condom brand, but where the conversation around sex had moved on, Durex hadn’t. The brand needed to shed its dated, confused look and feel, and speak to people on a more personal level, injecting some warmth, fun and wit into the sex positive category.

Our new “playfully provocative” creative idea is woven throughout our new design for Durex, bringing clarity, confidence and a suggestive wink to the brand.
Overhauling the iconic logo, pack architecture and packaging designs, our bold use of colour, bespoke illustration style, category-first icon system and ‘One Night Sans’ typeface (a collaboration with Havas London and Colophon Foundry) all work together to speak clearly to people all over the world, empowering them to confidently make the right choice, quickly. Because who wants to hang out at the condom shelf?