Workflow, 2016

Acrylicize collaborated with Bisley to create Workflow, the world’s first filing cabinet water fountain, at Clerkenwell Design Week. The starting point for the design was the iconic Bisley Multidrawer. Acrylicize wanted to play on the idea of how Multidrawers are used and constantly evolving; this design classic is no longer confined to the office and can be found in any room of the home storing everything from art tools to make-up. The other consideration to the design was where the installation is going to be displayed; St Johns Square in Clerkenwell.
In a typically playful way Acrylicize have added a twist to the idea of a traditional Public Art installation. Workflow is a collection of Bisley drawers turned into a fully functioning illuminated public water fountain, illustrating the Multidrawers multi-function in one of the most extreme forms possible. The logistics and technical detailing of the design has been a collaboration between Bisley, Acrylicize and The Fountain Company.