Workshop on Aeromodelling of a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

I realize the practical applications of UAVs in data gathering.
As a senior under-graduate student, I created a workshop as a stepping stone for fellow undergraduate students of Aeronautical Engineering to learn the skills, and gain knowledge which will help them in the future to create intelligent solutions for important issues requiring geographical data in India.
I led a group of 3 fellow students, and managed the technical aspects, and budget related decisions for the workshop.
The objective of the workshop was to educate younger Aeronautical engineering students on how to use readily available, lightweight materials to build UAVs through practical experience.
We invested a small amount of money, and charged a small fee to cover our expenses. And, we were able to create a profit of 25% due to our advertising since we were able to attract 50 students to attend the workshop.
We chose 4 different materials which are readily available, and can be procurred in the market. We created instruction manuals for the workshop.
We explained the materials to paticipants, and explained their advantages and disadvantages.
We assigned student partcipants into groups based on their choice of material. They were asked to sketch designs for UAVs based on their knowledge of aeronautics. The students were then given the required raw material and asked to build the models.
As the workshop proceeded, participants began asking technical questions regarding aerodynamics, ratios critical for design of small-scale planes etc.. Hence, through practical experience my team was able to inspire curiosity and also educate participants.

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Asher Jason

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