World Population Day: Minoritised Populations photo-series

  • Ella Huegle

Liberally worked with World Wide Generation on designing a concept and delivering a spotlighting campaign for World Population Day. We featured the work of photographer Vicky Roy, who, as part of the 'Everyone is Good at Something' travels around India, interviewing and photographing people living with disabilities. Amer Hussain Lone, Anju Rani Joy and Kilumo Ezung were all interviewed about their experiences and perspectives. Extracts from their stories are featured alongside the photographs. I led on the concept design, scouting for a photographer, selecting photos, and writing and editing copy.
This year, World Wide Generation is spotlighting people living with disabilities. Accounting for 15% of the global population, they are the world’s largest minority group. Through medical advances, the ageing process and population growth, this estimated figure of 1 billion is increasing. As we focus on reducing inequalities in our societies - and between countries -  it’s crucial that we meet the individual rights of people with disabilities. Above all, people who have disabilities should be celebrated and valued for who they are.