World's Wildest Festival - WWF

  • Laura Fluture
  • Paul Craciunescu

The first music festival where the shows are endangered, just like wildlife. Unless people do something.

/ context People often forget how fragile life is and how quickly they can lose what they love. The COVID-19 pandemic has made them lose interactions, the ability to travel freely and even the ability to go to the music festivals they enjoy, because they didn’t act in time. This year, if they don’t show love to nature, they’re about to lose even more.
/ target audience We’re talking to a younger demographic, 18-35 years-old, internet-savvy and avid music listeners. They’re active on Social Media and like to read and talk about trending topics. Lately, they’ve felt the loss social and experiential events such as live concerts and festivals, so news about ending the pandemic have been their main focus.
/ strategic approach We want to get young people to understand the immediate risks posed by nature’s destruction, in a way that’s relatable and doesn’t shut them down.
/ strategic objective Make wildlife causes a trending topic, by capturing young people’s attention and making them aware that they can make a difference.
With the help of artists with nature-inspired names, we'll create the first music festival where the shows are endangered, just like wildlife. Only fans will have the power to do something in order to restore them. ​​​​​​​
* This was a Young Lions Live Awards brief
Art Director – Laura Fluture Copywriter – Paul Crăciunescu
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