WWF 'The Big Winter Wander' Instagram Stickers

❄️ Here are our latest Instagram sticker designs for WWF UK's 'The Big Winter Wander' campaign. Search for "WWF" in Stories to use the stickers for yourself.⁠ ⁠ Here is more information about the campaign from WWF: "Nature has been a gift to offer us comfort and much-needed escape during difficult times, and now it’s our time to give back. Our world needs us more than ever before; our Living Planet Report shows a staggering 68% decline in wildlife populations globally. We’re destroying forests, choking oceans with plastic and causing devastating changes to the climate. Globally, we’re using all the planet’s resources faster than nature can restore itself.⁠ ⁠ That's why, on 24th January, friends and families across the UK will be heading out for a walk with a difference – they’ll be donating to take part and helping WWF protect wildlife in the UK, and around the world.⁠ ⁠ Sign up to join in The Big Winter Wander and we’ll give you everything you need to organise a magical walk and ask your loved ones to donate to come along (please follow current government guidelines on social group sizing). Plus, we’ll share our best fundraising tips to help you raise even more funds for your world. It's time to give back to nature!"