XX Revolution Brand Launch

  • Charlie Joe Ward

It's always been a dream of mine to help launch a new brand from scratch. So when I heard Revolution was launching a new brand, XX Revolution, I was so excited to launch it. Not only was it a new brand, but it was a digital-first and Gen Z targetting brand, two things I'm hugely passionate about, and combined my love of skincare with my love of makeup with it's 'skincare infused' messaging. Fast forward to a few months later, the country gets put into a national lockdown, my entire team is furloughed, and I somehow have to pull off the launch single-handedly, including writing 500 SKUs of product copy in two days, organising for those 500 SKUs to be shot for packshots and creative photography, building a 400 strong PR list of influencers, dealing with ever-changing Boots launch dates, and shooting all the social shots...in my garden. Somehow, I got it done, and I couldn't be more proud of the brand and how the launch went.