YFYA Carrers

  • Renata Colasurdo

Do you know when you are young, age between 15 and 20 and you didn’t know what career to pursue? That was bit scary, wasn’t it? Or even if you knew what profession you wanted to pursue but you weren’t really sure about how it will be, the potential career growth or even the work environment.

This project is about helping young people to find out their career pathway and to allow them to feel more confident about their decisions through a career app.
My team and I recruited participants through groups on Facebook or forums, asking friends who had brothers/sister of target age — 39 online surveys and 5 interviews. We utilised Google forms for the online questionnaire — qualitative and quantitative research methods.
We designed the main journey and defined the MVP for the project; we used the Eisenhower matrix to haveprioritise the features considering the impact of them versus the amount of work we would have to do in that 3 weeks sprint.
We developed paper prototypes, mid-fidelity designs and tested.
There were a few pain-points from the feedback that was revised for mid-fidelity, which were:
  • Value — Onboarding was not clear enough as users didn’t not the value of the app.What is that for? How could it help me on my career choices?
  • Wording — “Recommended jobs” section was misleading users to think the app had paid options, rather opportunities to get experience such as internships and apprenticeships.
  • Web app — Users thought that it was a web app rather than a native app, so we inserted a bottom nav bar rather than the hamburger menu