YO! (social)

  • Alexandra Sims

Concept and copy for YO! Sushi social posts

Shi-booyah! Our futari platter, drink and side is £15. Who gets to share yours?
It’s National Yo-Yo day! Don’t get in a spin... we have plenty of delicious dynamite rolls to go around
Open wide and say ‘Ahh!’. Our summer meal deal is back!
This image was also used in YO! store windows to show support and celebrate Pride in London.

The #worldcup is here. Get a team together and tackle all the dishes you can. Don’t want to miss a game? Get it to go. #ENGCOL #YOSushi ⚽️

Happy International Sushi Day! If Earth really was one giant Ginza Roll... armageddon would be imminent. Om yom yom...