• Shiroe Zita

Black British people are undereperesented in different parts of the creative industry such as in media, film and journalism... just to name a few. Only 1% of British childrens books feature a main character that is black, and just 8% of titles published last year were by a Black British person. This has made it hard for young Black British people to find Black british creatives who have made great pieces of work before us, as we are not taught 'where to look to find out about our Black British History. We want to help change that. Right now Black creatives are making history without even knowing... creating archives for future generations that will be used to educate our next generations on their Black British History. Some creatives make their audience their peers, for trending content this can be a good thing. Social media engagement is very important, However I want young people to realise that their work is worth more than a share or a retweet. I want more young black creatives to aspire to get their work published, directed, acted out, find mentors with good intentions and make their print on Black British history. Because when the Black Curriculum proves successful, I will want our children watching Black British created films in media, analyse Black British plays in English , reading our Black british History books in History. Learning about authentic Black British experiences, and not the ones that were written for us. I want the work that the young people in this forum create to one day be the creatives that our children will be using to connect with their Black Britishness. Beginning with Zoom calls, once a month, we will connect and network, discuss topics that are relevant to Black British Culture today, Black British History in the past, and discuss how we will impact the future. We will have special guests for specified careers, Influencing mentorship and guidance!