Your Luxury portrait

  • Mary Leonard

How can you use an immersive experience to showcase Google Pixel 2's best-in-market camera?

Your Luxury Portrait is an interactive installation by Google Pixel 2 at Selfridges London. It was designed as part of the Selfridges Radical Luxury exhibition and aimed to question the very idea of what luxury means by inviting the public to visualise their own version — unique to them and their lifestyle.

In order to raise awareness of the Google Pixel 2's camera, the installation was designed to demonstrate its incredible low light capabilities, while the structure brings to life the extruded photographic lens that makes the product best-in-market.
After having their luxury protrait taken by the Google Pixel 2 visitors were given a photographic takeaway and a series of social gifs. They also had the option to submit their images to be featured in the Selfridges window and across Google's OOH media.


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