Your Next Bike

  • Celestin Dimitriu
The challenge:

(Re)Imagine the identity of a local bike hire scheme in a city of your choosing. This can be one that already exists or a new scheme. Your identity should consider the opportunities bike hire can offer someone in your city, the experiences they’ll encounter and create an identity that sells this opportunity.


Reflecting on the idea that “cycling is for everyone” and inspired by the city of Cardiff. The NextBike's aim is to turn the city into a playground for cyclists while making it more interesting and fun for everyone, allowing the keen bikers to always be in control while experiencing the city through different lenses.
Consequently, as one of the UK’s youngest and fastest-growing cities and Cardiff’s only bike scheme was screaming for a new and inspiring visual identity. One that looked and felt younger and modern celebrating its people, history and its culture and allowing a new custom font and idea to emerge.