Zabij perfekcjonistę (Kill the perfectionist)

  • Eugene Prykhodkin
  • Yurii Trofimenko

This poster was created as a reaction to the well-known problem of unhealthy perfectionism at work. As a result of being attracted to the ideal, we can spend dozens of hours and days perfecting an idea that is significant or important to us. At the same time, we neglect rest and time to test the idea at the prototype stage, which often helps to discard the superfluous and leave what really works. The title is in Polish as a tribute to the Polish poster and a sign of love for it. The animation for the poster was created by my wonderful friend Yurii Trofimenko. Additionally, we have launched a video for AR that works with the Artivive app. By the way, it took us about 3 days to create the poster and video. For us, this was an attempt to quickly, hotly create an idea and implement it as quickly as possible.

This poster launches video with Artivive app. Try it now!