• Marta Company Soler

This is how ZAO was born. In a world saturated by visual and digital stimuli, ZAO, our lifestyle brand, encourages our users to re-engage with their environment through touch and contact with physical objects, to collect this found objects, and to curate their own personal archive of physical events. By immersing ourselves in this succession of actions, we can learn more about the spaces we inhabit and interact differently with everyday objects. ZAO offer the consumer a series of artifacts to facilitate passive and active acts of collecting, such as bags, shoes, and gloves. Then, when these artifacts have reached the end of their lifespan, the brand exchanges the user's archive of collected objects for a new product, being ZAO at the end the owner of those personal archives of tactile experiences. The final collection of ZAO is a series of plastic-made garments with the objects collected by the users trapped inside it, as a constant visual testimony of other people experiences. We are orchestrating a mass collection of physical knowledge. Collective project with Sophie Paul, Sam Ray, Emily Blake, Jack Lowerson and Anitha Sriragavan.