Zest On A Government Claim

  • Henry Maguire
  • Celina Carlisle

Zest On A Government claim is a chapbook comprised of three short stories that deal with the bends of mundane employment. Zest On A Government Claim A man realises he can claim benefits and quits his bar job. Drunk on beer and a new found sense of entitlement, he resolves never to work again and seeks revenge by spreading his idle wisdom at his old bar. A Gutter Prayer A despondent man has become an agent of misanthropy and self loathing. The more he looks at his fellow man with recognition and contempt, the more he is seduced by fantasies of violence. Industrial Romance A man is in love with his job. When all work desists, he continues his duties on a now defunct industrial estate. Through crushing loneliness he has lost his grip on reality and descends further into obsessive romantic infatuation with wage slave labour.