Advice for first time photography assistant

I’m looking to get into assisting and I’d really like some advice of what to expect when on a shoot, what to bring with me etc! Any advice would be really helpful.


  • @Sam Royston hey! Thank you so much for all this info and for the link 🙏🏻 it’s super helpful! I’ll definitely give you a message if I have anymore Q’s
  • Oh and get familiar with Capture One - it's what everyone uses and very useful to know a decent tethering workflow for jobs where you might be split between lighting and digi.
  • Here's a quick write up about my assisting kit that might be useful - it's definitely not a necessity to have all of this as it takes time build it up but some essentials would be helpful (leatherman [multitool] / gaffer tape as a minimum)

    You're there to make things run quicker and smoother, if there are things that you can do to pre empt where the shoot is going it will be noticed and appreciated. Say the photographer mentions a different light they might want to add into the set up later but they havent settled on it, rather than leaving it packed away, get it up on a stand and ready to go.

    I'd also say be honest about what you know and what you don't, it's often quicker and safer to have the 1st assistant or photographer give you a quick run through of something that's new to you, instead of something being rigged incorrectly. People on set are happy to share the knowledge and help so don't be afraid to ask.

    If there's anything specific feel free to message me

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