Afternoon fellow creatives! Got a script? Got a song? An idea you want to put on screen? Looking for projects to develop in 2021. Peace

If interested, check out some of my work.

I'm at the very early stages of going freelance so still trying to develop as a director having worked primarily as an editor for the last few years. Drop me a message if you'd be up for collaborating.


  • I would love to do this here is a link to my spotlight cv if you would like to have a look I have worked with companies like bbc on short films brands such as Nike and New York Times in many other projects and would love to be involved
    My Instagram account is Marvellousai I have over 17k followers you can also view the things I have done on their hope to here from you soon . I am also a writer I have previously published a few books and written for a few magazines . Aswell as an actress and singer
  • Hi Ciaran!
    This sounds very interesting. I am a Brand Strategist with a passion for Creative Direction. Always up for a chat! My IG is Or we can chat on mail if you like :)
  • @Ciaran Grant That great! I'm actual a writer as well. Was wondering if there is a particualr genre or subjects you are interested in exploring
  • I don't know exactly what you're looking for, but if you're interested, I have some songs on my YouTube channel. If you were looking for something more cinematic, I compose instrumental scores too.
    Good luck!

  • @Lola Claire Mostly scripts/concepts going into pre-production. But good to connect with actors for when those go into prod.
  • I love this! I have a tonne of shorts that I’ve written on a back burner. If you’re interested then please shoot me an email! Thanks
  • Anything more specfic in what you're looking for?

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